Friday, March 26, 2021

Flying Again

After several false starts, we finally hit the road again. This time we are flying from LA to Honolulu. We filled out the state required paperwork, got tested 70 hours before out flight and headed into LA to spend the night before our early morning flight.

For dinner, we made reservations for Knotts Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival.

We love Knotts, and I am a big fan of Boysenberries. So big of a fan, I bought a plant several years ago at the festival and have managed to not kill it yet (it’s my third attempt, the first two didn’t end well for the plant).

We tried:

Mac and Cheese Bites over Tater Tots with a Boysenberry Siracha Ketchup

Beyond Meatballs with a Boysenberry a BBQ Sauce over Cauliflower Cilantro Rice with Pita Bread

Apple and Chicken Sausage with Boysenberry Mustard on a Boysenberry Bun

The Apple and Chicken Sausage with Boysenberry Mustard

(There are five tasting to each card, we used the other two for drinks).

The boysenberry siracha ketchup was good. Just the right amount of heat.

I liked the Beyond meatballs better than I thought I would, the almost seemed like actual meat, just a little dense, which made them hard to cut with a plastic fork (we didn’t see any knives at that station).

I could do without the Boysenberry bun, but the Boysenberry mustard is really good.

We’ve gone to several of the Knotts festivals, and I’m certain we will go again.

The next morning, we headed to LAX. It seems that most of the dining venues at the airport are closed still. So we ended up getting some snacks from the market place and made do.

Food and beverage service was almost non-existent on the flight. They passed out bags with a cookie, nuts and bottled water twice during the 6-hour flight.

Needless to say, we were quite hungry by the time we landed.