Monday, July 5, 2021

Pizza Fried Rice?

We went to DB Grill for an early dinner while on a road trip on a vacation to Hawaii.

It was the first full day of a nine-day vacation, and so far, the day had sucked.

My wife and I met and got married in Hawaii 38 years ago when we lived on Oahu. This was our first trip back. Needless to say, a lot has changed. The area where DB Grill is now was nothing but sugarcane fields back then.

We thought about getting food at a fast-food place in the same shopping center but decided to take a walk around and see what else was there.

We tried to get a table at the Japanese BBQ place nearby, but they told us it would be a two hour wait (they didn’t seem that busy, but whatever).

The second place we went in seemed very welcoming, but they did not open for about 45 minutes, so we checked with the DB Grill.

Turned out to be a good deal.

We were seated right away. The menu wasn’t too large, just seven appetizers and seven entrees. I didn’t feel like plopping down $70 for the ribeye, I have no idea what crispy mandoo or Kona Kampachi are, so I went with the DB chicken. The menu described it as “Mr. Hong’s special recipe, whole Cornish hen, pickles.”

DB Chicken
I have no idea who Mr. Hong is, but he knows a thing or two about cooking Cornish Game Hen. The skin was beautifully brown and crispy, the bird hot and juicy.

We also had some wings with gochujang, honey and sesame. Very good, kind of messy and just a touch of heat.

DB serves up some good wings

One of the items on the menu that had us a bit confused was the Pizza Fried Rice. It was listed as “PIZZA FRIED RICE Ezzo pepperoni, spicy tomato, mozzarella.”

I wasn’t too sure what to make of this one but noticed a lady at another table had ordered it. It looked interesting, so I thought “why not.”

It's a little weird, but the pizza fried rice was pretty good.

It was a little strange, fried rice packed into a disk shape, with slices of pepperoni. I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. The spicy tomato was nice, not too hot and the pepperoni was very good.

Oh, and by the way, the DB Chicken was so good we ordered another to go.