Sunday, August 28, 2016

Food On The Fly

So I was walking around the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport during a six hour flight delay (in fairness to the airline, there was a scheduled 2 hour layover and a four hour delay). I had just had a particularly good lunch, which I was thinking is unusual for airport food.

As I wandered, I was thinking about how airline travel used to be different. People would dress-up for flights, and airlines tried to be a luxurious as possible.

Even in the early 1980's I remember having a great meal on Alaska Airlines (Salmon, one passenger complained it was overcooked, and I was thinking "you just had salmon on a freakin airplane lady"). I also remember a United flight from Hawaii to LA, where they blocked off one of the aisles and set up a sandwich buffet, it stayed open most of the flight.

Today some people don't even get our of their pajamas for a flight.

In-flight service has deteriorated beyond imagination. On my last flight, they even split a can of soda between two passengers. Reminded me of being a kid and calling my mom at work to ask if we could split a soda three-ways, and then arguing about who got the most (BTW, I'm sure the other guy got more soda than I did).

Even in the days of quality in-flight service, the food in the airport was less than spectacular. Not very good and really overpriced.

Along the way, something changed. It was gradual, sneaking up slowly, I never really saw it coming. I think the first time I noticed was when I ate at a chain restaurant in LAX. It wasn't really great, but it was an improvement.

Now I had a meal that was actually good. And this blog was born.

I plan to talk about what is right in airport food, where to go when you're in a particular city, and where to find the best airport food in the country.

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