Saturday, December 10, 2022

Was Ist Das Schnitzel? Day 2 Berlin

On day two of our trip to Berlin, we finally started to get it together. After breakfast at the hotel, we asked at the front desk where to find an ATM so we could get some Euro’s. Seems like the only choice was at the airport, just a few minutes’ drive from the hotel. 

So we headed to the airport, found a place to park that didn't have any fee and went inside. Took us a couple of minutes, but we did find an ATM that worked and got out some money. 

The location of an ATM in the Berlin Airport. They are easy to miss if your stressing from a long flight and the fun of getting your bags from baggage claim . As you walk from baggage claim to the rental car desks, you have to look back to baggage claim to see the ATM.

We looked at the map and it looked like there might be a couple of local places in a shopping center just one exit down the Autobahn. We headed over to the area, but there really wasn't a good choice. We didn't feel like grabbing ramen or kabab. 

We had noticed a Gasthaus just a bit down the road. It took us a couple of tries to find the parking lot entrance, but we did manage to get to the Zur Hecke Gasthaus. The parking lot was small and quite full.

Once inside we were greeted by a lady, I'm guessing the owner. She addressed us in German, which we didn't understand most of what she said. My wife shyly said, "English?" She seemed quite surprised but did say she could speak a little English (actually, I thought her English was pretty good). 

 We both ordered Schnitzel, me a Hamburger Schnitzel and my wife a Jagar Schnitzel. They were both very good. I do have to say, there was a lot of food. Great service, good food and a pretty authentic experience.

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