Thursday, September 1, 2016

Greek Food in Long Beach

The Long Beach Airport is one of the airports who have really stepped up their game when they remodeled the terminal.

Most of the flights in and out of Long Beach are JetBlue Airlines. Long Beach is a great alternative to LAX, one of the most awful airports in the country. Long Beach is a pleasure to fly to and from.

Unfortunately, they closed one of my favorite airport restaurants, which overlooked the airfield. One wall was all glass and offered a 180 deg. view of the airfield. And it was outside of the secure area, so you could eat there without being a ticketed passenger.

Among the new additions inside the secure area is Georges Greek CafĂ©. Georges is pretty good. 

The have the vertical rotisserie cooking a beef and lamb combo. Served with pita bread and a salad it makes a great pre-flight meal.

If you like Greek food, it’s pretty good for an airport.

Tip - think about sharing, we ordered one each (there were three of us) and no one was able to finish theirs.

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