Monday, September 5, 2016

Matt's Big Breakfast - Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Matt's Big Breakfast wasn't the inspiration behind this blog, but it did have a big part, more on that in another post. 

I stopped in at Matt’s twice during a recent trip to San Antonio. Both times because of lay-overs flying American Airlines. The first trip was just for a beer while on a six hour visit to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. The second visit was on the return trip, after being diverted to PSH after DFW wasn’t an option anymore. 

Now I have to point out, I wasn’t the happiest traveler at this point, in fact one could almost say I was a little grumpy.

I was pretty lucky to have the same server both trips, a nice lady named Tracy R. She had a great attitude and was a bright light in two really bad days.

On the second visit, I had a bowl of chili. It was pretty darn good, with just the right amount of heat. 

I confess, I ate a lot of chili on this trip, I just couldn't get enough. Every bowl was different, each had its good points. I did have some real Texas Chili (no beans in the real deal), and it was quite good.

The chili at Matt's is not Texas style, but to be honest, I liked it better.

So, if you’re stuck in Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, keep Matt's in mind, it might help you keep yours.

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