Thursday, September 8, 2016

Legal Seafood - Logan International Airport, Boston MA

I have been to Legal Seafood many times. I’ve been to the Danbury location, Washington Dc and others. Every visit has been great, until now.

I made the mistake of eating at one of the Logan Airport locations before I flew home to California.
I had a cup of clam chowder and blackened Ahi tuna. The chowder was passable, not great, not bad, could have used some salt and pepper. 

The tuna was almost in editable. One of the worst things I have ever eaten.

I first had seared Ahi tuna at the Yardhouse in Long Beach, CA. It was great. I have since had it at dozens of different restaurants, and have never had a really bad experience with it.

When I got the plate, everything looked wonderful, the tuna was just kissed by the grill, slightly brown on the edge and bright red in the center. When I took the first bite, I almost spit it back out.

Now, I love Cajun spice mix, I often use it in several things I cook. The secret is to use it sparingly. The cook at Legal Seafood buried the Ahi in blackening spices. It was so overpowering that my tongue was numb for several hours. It left a bad taste in my mouth for the entire flight home.

Ahi tuna is a very delicate fish, it cannot stand up to incredibly strong spices. What a waste of a really wonderful ingredient. Legal Seafood really ought to rethink this one.

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